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Veterans in Engineering

Established in 2011, the Troops to Engineers (T2E) Program is a unique program currently offered exclusively at SDSU to student veterans in undergraduate and graduate engineering programs. This program provides specialized career assistance for student veterans seeking to improve their professional development skills, obtain paid internships and secure engineering specific employment upon graduation.

T2E is funded by Boeing, Northrop Grumman, and Booz Allen Hamilton to provide our program participants with exclusive support opportunities including: professional networking events, interview preparation, resume building, recruitment events, engineering facilities tours, and mentorship opportunities.

T2E is dedicated to our veterans' success and strives to cultivate an environment for academic and professional excellence through our core program values: Ingenuity, Community, Diversity, and Quality. For more information, please e-mail: [email protected].

Program Overview

SDSU Troops to Engineers Program (T2E) endeavors to support the career development of student veterans majoring in engineering and computer science. To ensure the continued success of veterans in our community T2E partners with Industry leaders to provide unique opportunities for professional growth while attending San Diego State University. Our goal is to prepare Student Veterans, and Veteran Engineers on what lies beyond their military occupation and set them on the path to personal and professional success.

The following criteria must be met in order to participate in the Troops to Engineers Program:

  • Must have served in the U.S. Armed Forces
  • Be a current SDSU student
  • Declared or pre-major in engineering or computer science
  • Must be in good academic standing (encouraged to maintain a GPA of 3.0+)
  • Security clearance (optional)

Please note: Active duty service members who are currently transitioning out of the U.S. Armed Forces should begin by applying to SDSU Admissions. Please visit the Joan and Art Barron Veterans Center to review information on military - connected admissions.

The Troops to Engineers Program provides assistance with the following:

  • Paid internship (actively participating T2E students)
  • Job opportunities (actively participating T2E students and recent grads)
  • Exclusive networking events
  • Mentorship opportunities with Industry Professionals
  • Professional development and career boosting events

In order to get started, eligible participants must complete the following steps:

  1. SDSU Admissions - Apply for admission to SDSU. For more information on admissions for military - connected students, please visit the Joan and Art Barron Veterans Center.

  2. Registration - Upon acceptance into SDSU, participants will need to complete the Troops to Engineers Inquiry Form. Once your eligibility is determined, a T2E team member will reach out to you to schedule a one-on-one orientation appointment.

  3. Orientation - A one-on-one meeting with a T2E program coordinator is required to go over program details and information. You will also be asked to complete the Troops to Engineers Program Intake form and submit an updated resume.

  4. Emerging Engineer Identity Course - This course is dedicated to assisting student veterans navigate all the possible resources available to them as they transfer to SDSU. The completion of this course is required for students to remail eligible for program benefits (i.e. professional development workshops, networking events, career fairs, etc.).

Emerging Engineer Identity course details coming soon.

Frequently Asked Questions

No. You must first be admitted into SDSU in order to participate in the T2E Program.

No. You must be a current SDSU student in order to participate in the T2E Program.

Yes. The Program is open to both undergraduate and graduate students who meet all other eligibility criteria.

No. Currently, the Troops to Engineers Program is only available to SDSU student veterans with a declared engineering major.

No. Currently, the Troops to Engineers Program is only available to SDSU student veterans with a declared engineering major.

No. Currently, the Troops to Engineers Program is only available to SDSU student veterans with a declared engineering major.

Yes, pending approval by a Troops to Engineers Program Coordinator.

No, having a security clearance is optional. However, many employers prefer candidates with an active security clearance.

Troops to Engineers Sponsors

Troops to Engineers has been successfully providing programmatic support for over a decade to our SDSU student veteran engineers. Troops to Engineers is 100% philanthropically funded. Consider making a gift. Your support will enable the continuance of preparing student veteran engineers to get equipped with the tools they need to enter the workforce successfully.

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We would like to thank the following past and present sponsors for their continued support of the Troops to Engineers Program:

For questions or assistance with Troops to Engineers, please email: [email protected] or phone: 619-594-5849.