COllege of engineering 2020 summer courses

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The College of Engineering is offering high impact courses during the Summer 2020 session. We encourage current and prospective students to check the Summer Session Schedule and consider enrolling in the many courses offered. Students can choose between two six-week sessions and one 12-week session and are able to enroll in just one session or both.

These high impact Summer Session courses serve as prerequisites to many other courses in the Engineering programs and were strategically chosen to allow students to get ahead and stay on track with their graduation. Enrolling and passing a high impact course in the summer qualifies students to enroll in more advanced topics in the Fall semester; balance their schedules; and improve their GPAs. Both online and on-campus courses include upper division and sophomore Engineering courses.

The College of Engineering is also offering several online courses which allows students to complete the course without taking time from their work or other commitments. Please check the Summer Schedule for a list of online course offerings and contact the professor listed on the course schedule with any questions related to the online course delivery and assessment.

Financial aid and on-campus housing options are available to students who enroll in the Summer Session.  More information can be found at on the SDSU Office of the Registrar Summer Session website.