Dr. Supernak speaking behind a pedistal

 Dr. Janusz Supernak Designates Bequest to Endow the Supernak Award for Excellence


Four years ago, ASCE student leaders established "The Supernak Excellence Award" named after their Faculty Advisor for over two decades. This award has since been given to the top 5 ASCE student contributors. That prompted Dr. Supernak to establish an endowment for an annual monetary award given to the top student out of the five finalists. 

On behalf of the College of Engineering, we are pleased to announce that Dr. Janusz Supernak, long time Department Chair of Civil, Construction and Environmental  Engineering has made a $50,000 bequest that when realized will endow the Dr. Janusz Supernak Award for Excellence.  The award will recognize an outstanding student in the Department of Civil, Construction and Environmental Engineering. In addition to the bequest and until it’s realized, Dr. Supernak will make annual gifts of $1,000 to fulfill the yearly awards. 

 Dr. Supernak is a long standing champion of philanthropy for the College of Engineering as he has been instrumental in facilitating the Filanc family naming for the J.R. Filanc CEM Program, the Stephen and Lynne Doyle Endowment gift for CEM and the William E. Leonhard Jr. Chair for Environmental Engineering.

 The College of Engineering is grateful for all those who provide much needed philanthropic support. When university leaders step forward and provide support, it’s even more significant.  If you or someone you know is interested in learning about ways to provide philanthropic support to the College of Engineering, please have them reach out to Kate Carinder, Senior Director of Development at [email protected].