Portrait of Eugene Olevsky, Ph.D.Eugene Olevsky, Ph.D.

Associate Dean for Graduate Studies and Research

Distinguished Professor of Mechanical Engineering
Director, Powder Technology Lab

Phone: (619) 594-6329
Fax: (619) 594-3599
Email: eolevsky@mail.sdsu.edu  
M/C: 1323
Office: E-323G


Research Interests

Dr. Olevsky received his Ph.D. from Ukraine National Academy of Sciences in 1990. The research activities of Professor Olevsky encompass various scientific areas including materials science and mechanics applied to processing of powders and porous materials; metal, ceramic, glass, and polymer composites, including nano-materials. Prof. Olevsky's research group current activities include the development of advanced materials for solid-oxide fuel cells, thermal management of electronic circuitry, hydrogen storage, and solar cells. Dr. Olevsky has developed a continuum theory of sintering, which enables the prediction of the macroscopic behavior of porous bodies during sintering: shape distortion, density distribution, etc. Since 1998, Dr. Olevsky is a faculty member of the Mechanical Engineering Department of the San Diego State University. Prof. Olevsky's numerous publications reflect his dual mechanics and materials science oriented research. His scientific activities have been supported by multiple grants from NSF, DOE, DARPA, and various industrial sponsors. Prof. Olevsky is the Director of the SDSU Powder Technology Laboratory.

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Funding Agencies

NSF, DOE, DARPA, NASA, NRL, ARDEC, SPAWAR, Sandia NL, California Energy Commission, multiple industrial sponsors

Ten Recent Journal Publications

  1. JA Alvarado-Contreras, EA Olevsky, AL Maximenko, RM German, A continuum approach for modeling gravitational effects on grain settling and shape distortion during liquid phase sintering of tungsten heavy alloys, Acta Materialia 65, 176-184 (2014)
  2. R Bjørk, HL Frandsen, V Tikare, E Olevsky, N Pryds,  Strain in the mesoscale kinetic Monte Carlo model for sintering, Computational Materials Science 82, 293-297 (2014)
  3. MS Yurlova, VD Demenyuk, LY Lebedeva, DV Dudina, EG Grigoryev, EA Olevsky,  Electric pulse consolidation: an alternative to spark plasma sintering, Journal of Materials Science 49, 952-985 (2014)
  4. JA Alvarado-Contreras, RM German, AL Maximenko, EA Olevsky,  Coupled Densification—Shape Distortion Analysis of Liquid Phase Sintering Affected By Gravity,  Metallurgical and Materials Transactions A 45, 927-933 (2014)
  5. JA Alvarado-Contreras, EA Olevsky, AL Maximenko, RM German,  Kinetics of shrinkage and shape evolution during liquid phase sintering of tungsten heavy alloy, Journal of Materials Science 49, 1130-1137 (2014)
  6. E Olevsky, I Bogachev, A Maximenko,  Spark-Plasma Sintering Efficiency Control by Inter-Particle Contact Area Growth: a Viewpoint, Scripta Materialia 69, 112-116 (2013)
  7. KI Rybakov, EA Olevsky, EV Krikun,  Microwave Sintering: Fundamentals and Modeling, Journal of the American Ceramic Society 96, 1003–1020 (2013)
  8. EA Olevsky, AA Bokov, GS Boltachev, NB Volkov, SV Zayats, AM Ilyina, AA Nozdrin, SN Paranin,  Modeling and optimization of uniaxial magnetic pulse compaction of nanopowders, Acta Mechanica 224, 3177-3195 (2013)
  9. D Giuntini, X Wei, AL Maximenko, L Wei, AM Ilyina, EA Olevsky, Initial stage of Free Pressureless Spark-Plasma Sintering of vanadium carbide: Determination of surface diffusion parameters, International Journal of Refractory Metals and Hard Materials 41, 501-506 (2013)
  10. EA Olevsky, AL Maximenko, EG Grigoryev, Ponderomotive effects during contact formation in microwave sintering, Modelling and Simulation in Materials Science and Engineering 21, 55022 (2013)