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What's special about Engineering at San Diego State University? Where do we start?

Engineering students work on a motor
Since its inception in 1961, the College of Engineering has evolved into a top choice for serious engineering students and researchers from all over the globe. We deliver a broad-spectrum, world-class engineering education, combined with practical research experience. Our students can choose among seven bachelor's, and a number of master's and joint doctoral degree programs. 

We're dedicated to innovative education, discovery, and dissemination of knowledge. We equip our students to think with internal perspective, to design solutions that meet human and societal needs, and to create economic value that helps sustain the San Diego region and beyond. 

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We've hand-picked our faculty based on excellence in both the classroom and the laboratory to ensure a win-win scenario:

  • Great for our students, who enjoy a perfect blend of leading-edge education and hands-on application.
  • Great for our faculty, enabling them to teach and mentor bright students, while still pursuing their own research interests.
  • Great for the world, where the results of all this innovation end up.

Engineering students presenting their project at Design Day
We're committed to inventing a better future, both for the San Diego region, a hot spot of innovation and technology, and for the global community we all share. That's why we maintain close relationships with San Diego industry that result in extensive partnerships, internships and placement opportunities for our students.

That's also why we:

PRIZE diversity among our student body.

ENCOURAGE international study to destinations in Europe, Asia and Central America.

CREATE programs to foster engineering-readiness in K-12 students that have become national models.

DESIGN programs for Veterans that gain national recognition.

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Eugene A. Olevsky, Ph.D., FASME, FACerS, FAvH

Message from the Dean

We are dedicated to innovative education, research, and dissemination of knowledge. Student success is at the heart of our mission.

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