Research Institutes And Centers

Satalite Dish-Communications Systems and Signal Processing Institute
Dr. Madhu S. Gupta, Director
The Communications Systems and Signal Processing Institute is engaged in educational, research and service activities in the field of electronic communication systems, with an emphasis on radio frequency and digital signal processing aspects. Faculty, students, and industrial partners collaborate to advance the state-of-the-art in the institute's core areas of expertise, such as radio frequency devices and integrated circuits, modems, receivers, transmitters, synthesizers, Analog-to-Digital and Digital-to-Analog converters, digital signal processing algorithms and hardware, antenna, and communication networks.
Concrete Materials Research Institute
Dr. M. Ziad Bayasi, Director

Concrete Materials Research Institute

The Concrete Materials Research Institute supports educational needs in civil engineering curriculum and concrete research performed for sponsors from industry and governments. The institute encompasses a wide range of topics. The main emphasis is currently on concrete materials and structures. Civil and environmental engineering faculty members are involved with finding optimum design solutions in bridges, seismic resistant structures, residential buildings and retaining walls.
Solar Panel-Energy Engineering Institute
Dr. Asfaw Beyene, Director
The Energy Engineering Institute has supported educational and research activities in energy-related areas since 1985. Undergraduate and graduate students and faculty from the mechanical engineering and electrical and computer engineering departments are involved in obtaining solutions to problems presented by industrial sponsors. Institute research projects cover a wide range of areas from optimizing energy resources to international energy studies.