Admissions Procedures

Admissions to undergraduate and graduate programs in the College of Engineering follow the policies and procedures set by the San Diego State University and the California State University system (CSU). A wealth of information can be found for prospective students at the following:

Additional information on specific programs and their requirements may be found at individual program websites:

Engineering Undergraduate Programs

Engineering Graduate Programs

Engineering Joint Doctoral Program

Admissions Statistics 

SDSU received nearly 60,000 undergraduate applications for approximately 6,174 undergraduate enrollment slots for Fall 2011.

The newly admitted incoming freshmen have an average high school GPA of 3.78 and an average SAT score of 1148, the same record-setting academic credentials as last year’s incoming freshman class.  Read More

Of the ~60,000 undergraduate applications to SDSU for Fall 2010, 4,538 students selected engineering as their major and SDSU offered admission to 1,580 of these applicants.