Urban water group (uwg) works with the San diego lgbt community center


Students posed in front of LGBT Center

 Pictured from left to right: Yousef Sangsefidi, Alex Ordoubegian (with The San Diego LGBT Community Center), Hassan Tavakol, and Vincent O'Hara-Rhi.


Assistant Professor Hassan Tavakol's Urban Water Group (UWG), Department of Civil, Construction & Environmental Engineering, has worked with The San Diego LGBT Community Center on a pro-bono research activity to help the Center with their seasonal flooding occurrences. The Center's basement has suffered from flooding in the rainy season caused by the massive stormwater that flows into its parking lot. The UWG performed site assessments and GIS analyses to evaluate different mitigation plans that can be implemented in the future, including re-routing the drainage lines in the upstream watershed, converting the on-site drainage manholes to junctions, sealing the leakage sources in the building, and regrading the parking surface to facilitate the drainage. The following UWG students are involved in the research: Yousef Sangsefidi, PhD student; Vincent O’Hara-Rhi, MS student; and Kian Bagheri, BS student.