Graduate Research Program CITER

The department of Aerospace Engineering at SDSU achieved an explosive growth within its graduate research program investments in the past five years. Administered by Professor Gustaaf Jacobs, a Center of Industrial Training and Engineering Research (CITER) was created to structure and enhance the interaction between industrial partners and SDSU. 

Through internships and collaborative project work, CITER can facilitate a smooth transition to get students from the classroom to an industrial setting.  Students have the opportunity to work with significant local industries, such as Solar Turbines, and gain industrial knowledge outside the academic domain. With Solar Turbines, they will be working on the optimization of the aerodynamics of compressors and investigate a control of flow compressor blades.

Based on their potential and interests, the most talented students can be selected for a position in the industry or a PhD position at SDSU. To give students a flavor of industrial practice, CITER will be hosting guest lecturers and seminar speakers from industry.  These seminars may be complemented by focused workshops by renowned researchers to introduce students to cutting-edge engineering research and to provide a forum where emerging needs and topics can be identified. With the growth of CITER, hopefully larger scale proposals can be created in the future.