Doctoral student Rauno Cavallaro earns Department's Best Poster and Best Literature Review Awards at the Research Expo (UCSD)

Portrait of Rauno Cavallaro

Joined Wings airplane design



Congratulations to Aerospace Engineering’s Rauno Cavallaro who recently was awarded the Structural Engineering’s Best Poster and Best Literature Review awards (seen Research Expo 2017 and 2017 Research Expo Winners). Rauno Cavallaro is a doctoral candidate at SDSU (Department of Aerospace Engineering, Advisor Dr. Luciano Demasi) and UCSD (Department of Structural Engineering, Advisor Dr. David Benson).

The focus of Rauno Cavallaro’s work is the interaction between the aerodynamic forces and the elastic structural deformation (aeroelasticity) of innovative airplanes. He is working on advanced dynamic aeroelastic models for new sustainable airplane configurations.

In particular, Cavallaro is exploring the idea of Joined Wings. Joined Wings present several theoretical advantages with respect to conventional airplane designs: high aerodynamic efficiency, improved stiffness properties, and control characteristics are a few examples.

Several aerospace agencies proposed joined-wing concepts for civil and military applications: Strut-Braced and Truss-Braced Wings (NASA), Sensorcraft (Air Force) to mention a few of them. Aerospace industries in both the US and Europe have been working on this promising concept.

Rauno Cavallaro is author of 4 research publications on Joined Wings and also Micro Air Vehicles (MAVs).