Professor Joseph Katz Earns AIAA San Diego Lifetime Achievement Award

January 22, 2024
Professor Katz Earns Lifetime Achievement Award
Professor Katz Earns Lifetime Achievement Award

Professor of Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering, Joseph Katz has earned the AIAA San Diego Lifetime Achievement Award for his outstanding dedication and passion for his work. Over the past four decades of his career, he has positively influenced the fields of aerospace, aerodynamics, and mechanical engineering disciplines.

From his research on fluid mechanics, combustion engines, and passenger car safety, to aviation piston engine cooling, transonic wings, and so much more, Katz has played pivotal roles in advancing the machinery and technology that we use in the modern world.

For instance, he published numerous books and over 100 publications on fluid mechanics and aerodynamics that are referenced by engineers around the globe and are highly cited to this day. In fact, Katz was recently ranked in the top 2% of aerospace and aeronautics authors worldwide, according to a Stanford University Study. 

In addition, he has earned numerous recognitions over the years including the 1997 NASA Space Act Award, along with several Outstanding Faculty Awards. 

Throughout his work with NASA, Northrop Grumman, the U.S. Department of Defense, the motor racing industry, and academia, he’s enhanced the success of numerous high-level engineering and research initiatives.

Not only has Katz led a long and successful career in aerospace and mechanical engineering, but he has also been known to go above and beyond what is expected of him. 

A great example of this is his commitment to the Aerospace Senior Design course which allows students to design, build, test, and present prototypes of airplanes, motor vehicles, and more. 

As of last Spring, three-time SDSU alumna and former student of Katz’s, Christine Probett, established the C&C Excellence in Aerospace Endowed Fund for Senior Design Projects, which will enable students to test out new ideas without as many financial constraints, taking the projects to the next level. 

SDSU Engineering is proud to have Katz on its team of faculty!