SDSU Alumni Lenny Barbod Guest Lectures

SDSU Alumni Lenny Barbod Guest Lectures

Students at Barbod's lecture


San Diego State University Engineering Alumni Lenny Barbod has offered a unique perspective to Dr. Karen May-Newman’s students. Mr. Barbod has been working at Guidant Corporation/Abbott Vascular for 23 years as an engineer specializing in catheter and stent design, which is used in angioplasty techniques. Angioplasty is the procedure used to surgically repair or unblock a blood vessel, especially in a coronary artery.

Lenny Barbod’s expertise has greatly helped Dr. May-Newman’s course on design of medical devices, which was recently featured in a publication in Expert reviews of medical devices. In addition to offering valuable knowledge, Mr. Barbod has also helped advise students for their senior project on a Stimulated Arterial Model. 

The College of Engineering is very thankful for the mentoring and help that Lenny Barbod has offered. He has given much back to his alumni institution and is a great example of a graduate from our engineering program here at San Diego State University.

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