Madhu Gupta Selected Distinguished Microwave Lecturer

Madhu Gupta Selected Distinguished Microwave Lecturer

Portrait of Madhu Gupta   


Congratulations to Electrical Engineering faculty member Madhu Gupta for being selected Distinguished Lecturer by the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) and Mirowave Theory and Techniques (MTT) Society. Each year, MTT Society selects a group of Distinguished Microwave Lecturers who are recognized as experts in their field.

IEEE is the world’s largest professional association dedicated to advancing technological innovation and excellence for the benefit of humanity. IEEE and its members inspire a global community through IEEE's highly cited publications, conferences, technology standards, and professional and educational activities.

MTT Society is a transnational society that promotes the advancement of microwave theory and its applications, including RF, microwave, millimeter-wave, and terahertz technologies. This society has worked to advance the professional standing of its members and enhance the quality of life for all people through the development and application of microwave technology.

Dr. Gupta continues to work and research on the physical theory of noise in electron devices as the RF Communication Systems Industry Chair Professorship in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at SDSU. He also serves as the Adjunct Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering at University of California, San Diego.

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