Research Highlights

At SDSU's College of Engineering, research is an important compliment to undergraduate and graduate education. Below you will find our most recent research projects that have been in the news, along with SDSU’s annual research highlight booklets. To view the most recently awarded grants and contracts, please visit the SDSU Research Foundation website.

Dr. Kinoshita doing field research

Understanding Urban Wildfire

Dr. Alicia Kinoshita, Associate Professor, Department of Civil, Construction & Environmental Engineering, studies how fire alters landscapes and impacts urban environments.

Dr. Kassegne and student holding device

Brain Implant Electrode Material Shows MRI Compatibility

An alternative electrode material for brain implants has been shown to be MRI compatible and more durable compared to metal implants.

Boeing 737 Max

What Caused Boeing's 737 Max Crashes

Dr. Joseph Katz, SDSU Aerospace Engineering Professor, has spent more than 30 years studying airplane crash reports and provides his analysis on what caused Boeing's 737 Max crashes.

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