Design Day Parking

There is Free Parking for the event. Parking Operations will place directional signs on College Avenue directing them to Parking Structure 3.
Parking 3
Directions via Parking Operations

Traffic Signs coming from College Ave to P.3:

2- STRAIGHT Arrows -, On both islands on the North and Southside of College Avenue

LEFT Arrow: College Avenue/Zura Way: To direct southbound traffic onto eastbound Zura Way.

Right Arrow: Zura Way/East Campus Drive: To direct eastbound traffic onto southbound EastCampus Drive, or continue straight on eastbound Zura Way to the P3 level 1 north entrance, facing west.

LEFT/RIGHT Arrow: East Campus Drive/P3 level 2 West Entrance: To direct northbound and southbound traffic on East Campus Drive to enter the P3 level 2 west entrance. The left arrow should be facing north, the right arrow should be facing south.

ENTRANCE SIGN: On Level 2 facing West, Signs should say “ Engineering Advisory Board & Design Day Event"   "Event Parking Top Level"