SDSU Chapter of ASCE Wins Big at Pacific Southwest Student Symposium

It is with great honor as the Student Chapter President of ASCE SDSU that I announce to the College of Engineering that our organization has won several awards at the 2022 Pacific Southwest Student Symposium (PSWS) this past weekend, March 31st through April 2nd. Our school received 5th place overall in this competition against 14 universities in the Pacific Southwest region of the United States. Below is the breakdown of the different categories in which we received recognition.

1. Our Concrete Canoe team, ASCE's largest project, has several categories. The team won 7 awards total; 6 plaques and 1 canoe oar that represents our team winning 2nd place overall! This is a huge improvement from previous years. Here is how we ranked in 6 other categories:

  • Final Product Prototype - 2nd Place
  • Canoe Races:
  • Women's Slalom - 3rd Place
  • Women's Sprint - 3rd Place
  • Men's Slalom - 3rd Place
  • Men's Sprint - 2nd Place
  • Co-Ed Sprint - 2nd Place
Team Members:
Kevin Estuardo Ramirez Armendariz - QA/QC Lead
Jillian Arthur - Junior Project Manager & Mix Design Lead
Ellie Roy - Senior Project Manager
Alex Chau - Junior Mix Design Lead
Shane Kirk - Aesthetics Lead
Chance McDaniel - Hull Design Lead & Construction Lead
Cole Saenz - Paddler
Craig Sutter - Junior Mix Design Lead & Paddler
Ken Daplas - Paddling Co-Captain
Bella DeAvila - Paddling Co-Captain
Shelby Pletcher - Paddler
Jake Wheeles - Safety Lead
Yasmin Porfirio - Paddler
2. Our Environmental Design team won 1st place overall! This is the first time during Dr. Supernak's 30 years as ASCE SDSU's Faculty Advisor that we have received 1st place in the Environmental Design competition!

Team Members:
Emily Andreano - Member
Skye Benson - Member
Alyssa Plascencia - Builder
Chris Berkoben - Builder
Michael Morrissey - Builder
Jacob Callahan - Builder
Tazio Rosenberg - Co-Project Manager
Jessica Rubio - Co-Project Manager
3. For the Technical Paper Competition, our school brought home 1st place! Like Environmental Design. This is also the first time in at least 30 years that we have received 1st place! 

Author and Presenter: Katelyn Makanvand
4. Our Surveying Team won 3rd place.
Team Members:
Bethany Anderson
Jaclyn Brown
Austin Miller 
William Yeager
Vikesh Parmar
Austin Miller - Project Manager
This event was a huge success for our ASCE Student Chapter and the outcome enhances prestige for the College of Engineering and San Diego State University as a whole.