What Do Employers Say About Students With Study Abroad Experience?

Competition is fierce in a globalized world, and in addition to a strong engineering background, employers look for well-rounded graduates. Here is what some employers had to say:


The General Atomics family of companies, while headquartered in San Diego, have technical and business interests throughout the world including Europe, Asia, the Middle East, Russia and Australia.

As a global company there is added value to us where an employment candidate has, in addition to the required technical skills, overseas experience which has given them expanded knowledge of other language, culture and business practices.

Dave Roberts

Senior Vice President
Advanced Technologies Group


The opportunity for students to study abroad can have a profound impact on their overall education experience while simultaneously making them more marketable in the workplace. One of the key factors influencing success in the modern workplace is overall maturity and experience. Being exposed to different cultures, people, and ideas will provide greater maturity and experience directly to the student studying abroad.

While there may be some challenges with pursuing a foreign educational or job experience, the benefits of such exposure to a new culture and ideas will pay dividends in the end and I strongly support any program which facilitates or promotes such study abroad for SDSU students.

Siegfried Reich

Vice President
Drug Discovery


The study abroad programs of the Colleges of Engineering are an excellent initiative that will provide SDSU students with a rich educational and cultural experience. Students benefit immensely from such an educational exposure by gaining a better understanding of the world around them, and it helps to train them for an increasingly competitive economy.

Soumitra S. Ghosh

Executive Director