Study Abroad FAQ

Yes! There are many opportunities for study, research, and internships abroad tailored just for engineering students.

There are summer and winter faculty-led programs and independent semester and year-long programs. Additionally, there are opportunities to volunteer abroad through Engineers Without Borders (EWB), complete a paid internship, or conduct research.

No! In fact, selecting the right program for your situation may accelerate your studies and help you graduate faster.

Spending a semester abroad can actually be cheaper than spending a semester at SDSU! San Diego is a high cost of living area compared with other parts of the world, so there is a good chance you can find a lower cost destination.

With some planning, students can qualify for various forms of financial assistance. In fact, our faculty-led summer programs are considered regular SDSU courses that most financial aid can be applied to.

Yes. All of our faculty-led summer and winter programs are taught in English. Plus, many universities abroad offer a wide range of engineering courses in English.

All of our faculty-led summer and winter programs offer regular SDSU courses, so there is no need to transfer units. If on independent study, students are required to complete an Academic Approval Form with their Department Chair before departure to ensure that they get full credit for courses taken abroad.

Yes. Engineers are in demand around the world. For example, the DAAD program offers paid internships in Germany through their RISE program.

Of course! In fact, most of our faculty-led programs offer a cultural class that satisfies your upper-division cultural diversity requirement in humanities at SDSU!


Students typically find that their sophomore and junior years are the best time to study abroad since it allows them to choose from a larger selection of classes. However, it is never too early to start planning for study abroad. Stop by the Engineering Study Abroad Office in Room 200D to discuss your options!