Master of Engineering (M.Eng.)                                                        



The Degree Learning Outcomes of the Master of Engineering program are to produce graduates who will:

  • Be prepared for successful careers in industry, government or non-profit establishments, and will have an appreciation for lifelong learning.
  • Have the capacity to use advanced analytical and experimental methods needed to solve engineering problems.
  • Have a breadth of knowledge that fosters an awareness of and skill in interdisciplinary approaches to problem solving.
  • Have a keen sense of professionalism and a commitment to work toward the betterment of society and the world.
  • Embrace diversity and work to foster successful collaborations that are inclusive of all people.


The Master of Engineering degree is a practice-oriented, interdisciplinary degree designed to meet the needs of students who are interested in furthering a career in engineering with a business/management emphasis. Students will determine their degree plan in consultation with the graduate advisor of the respective engineering department of the student's primary focus. In addition to course requirements, students must complete a design project and a final written report. This phase of the program introduces students to the problems and solutions faced by practicing engineers. The program is designed for both the industrial professional who is seeking a career enhancement and also to the new baccalaureate graduate who wants to continue to study in order to be able to enter the work force with well-defined and honed professional skills.


For questions about the program, contact Donovan Geiger: [email protected] or 619-594-6079